Museum Island

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Located on an island in the Spree, it is one of the outstanding museum complexes in Europe: The Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage since 1999.

In the course of 100 years until 1930 a building complex was established, involving five architects. The Old Museum by Karl Friedrich Schinkel was built in classicism style.

In the New Museum is the Egyptian Museum with the famous bust of Nefertiti.

Next to the New Museum you will find the Old National Gallery. The house for painting and sculpture of the 19th century resembles an ancient temple on a high pedestal.

At the northern tip of the island the Bode Museum is located, built in 1898-1904 by Ernst von Ihne for paintings and sculptures. Since 2006, sculptures and paintings are exhibited by the late antiquity until the 18th century in the completely renovated building.

The Favourite is the Pergamon Museum by Alfred Messel (1907-30), in which archaeological findings from antiquity and the Middle East are situated, especially the reconstructed Pergamon Altar.