Zarenhof Hotel Prenzlauer Berg Berlin

Welcome to Berlin, the pulsating and vibrant capital of Germany. There are many reasons to pay Berlin a visit, from its colorful and lively streets to its manifold attractions and sights. There is a lot of history to discover, as well, as this city has been through a lot of dramatic shifts, twists and turns throughout the years. Exploring Berlin is rewarding, but also exhausting – you will need a warm, comfortable bed to happily fall into in order to restore your energy.

Are you looking for a hostel or hotels near Prenzlauer Berg? This is where we would like to introduce ourselves: Welcome to Hotel Zarenhof, the chain of hotels that combines traditional values, excellent service, and modern equipment to make your stay in Berlin as wholesome and authentic as possible. Our Zarenhof Hotel Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin is the perfect and easy starting point for tourists, explorers, party-goers, and any kind of people that want to delve deeply into Berlin’s rich history, culture, cityscape, and atmosphere. The Berlin district Prenzlauer Berg is a good location because it is very close to the city centre, a.k.a Mitte (with Alexanderplatz, Brandenburg Gate, and much more) as well as the popular districts Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, and Neukölln.

Zarenhof Hotel Prenzlauer Berg

Hotel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg: Your Adventure Begins Here

There are many exciting things to see when you check into our Zarenhof Hotel at Prenzlauer Berg! Read our recommendations for great things to do:

  • Enjoy the vibrant club and bar scene of Prenzlauer Berg at night with exciting pub tours and comfortable restaurants and small cafés. The Prenzlauer Berg district is well-known amongst citizens as a desirable hotspot if you want to do one or more of these things in style and with reasonable prices: eat, drink, celebrate, hang out, watch football in sports bars, play some pool billard, darts, and Fussball (table football). There are locations of all varieties and either catered towards special audiences or towards a wild and colorful mix of friendly people, as is usual in Berlin. There are several interesting spots even in the neighbourhood of our hotel!
  • Visit the famous, historic Mauerpark that is on the intersection of districts Prenzlauer Berg, Brunnenviertel and Mitte. A large part of this park had been used as no-trespassers area during the time of the Berlin Wall, hence the name “Mauerpark” (Wall Park). The park is therefore a symbol of the German unification as the Berlin citizens combined their efforts to erect a beautiful park in a spot that was once associated with tragedy. Nowadays it’s one of the most popular spots for all kinds of activities: relaxing, doing sports, read a good book, have a nice picnic, listen to musical live acts, enjoy the garden, and much more. Every sunday there is an exciting flea market based at the Mauerpark which is always worth a visit.
  • The Kulturbrauerei (translates roughly to “Culture Brewery”) is a large building complex that features several facilities and event locations since it stopped the brewing of beer in the 1970s. It is actually one of the few well-preserved breweries of old that is actually protected as a unique monument. Today it contains a cinema as well as theatre stages, workspaces, museums, a boutique, dance clubs and restaurants. It is not unheard of that visitors and citizens alike spend an entire day at this place as the Kulturbrauerei is easily one of the most entertaining locations in Berlin. Our hotel is located very near to the Kulturbrauerei – really only about 5 minutes away by foot!
  • Of course, all of the sights in Mitte are in relatively close proximity as well: The world-famous Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), Potsdamer Platz, Alexanderplatz, the street Unter den Linden, the Parliament (Reichstag), the Government District (Regierungsviertel), the Palais, the State Opera (Staatsoper, opera house), Old Town (Altstadt), the Berlin Victory Column (Siegessäule), and much more. From our Hotel Zarenhof Prenzlauer Berg you can get to the Brandenburg Gate within half an hour max if you use public transport, that is the tram (M10) or the S-Bahn (S1, S2, S25, S26), via Eberswalder Straße station and Berlin Nordbahnhof station, respectively. There are opportunities to come around town every other minute. If you like to walk, you can get there in about 50 minutes to an hour. With Brandenburg Gate as your starting point you can easily explore the heart of the city and walk to all its sights. And, of course, you are ready to go shopping!

Convinced? There is much to do in Berlin and our Hotel at Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin is the ideal accommodation where you can relax, sit back, sleep well in your comfortable room, and have some good times after a long day. You can enjoy our breakfast buffet in the morning before exploring the city and our staff is always happy to help you find your desired locations in the city. You simply cannot get bored in this lively, diverse and popular city. Adventure awaits!
Prenzlauer Berg in Berlin

Your central Hotel in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

The Hotel Zarenhof in the Prenzlauer Berg district is located at the well-known Schönhauser Allee (that also features the Kulturbrauerei, for example). As such, it is the perfect hotel from which to explore the surrounding area, the city, and all its attractions. You only need to step out of our doors in order to be plunged directly into the vibrant city life of Berlin. Our rooms, however, are located in the quiet second backyard of the property and as such relatively noise free – which is perfect for your much needed rest after a great, exciting day. If you value quietness, we happily offer you our nice, lovely rooms.

Speaking of our rooms: Our hotel rooms and apartments are equipped with everything you need and desire. Free Wi-Fi, TV, safe deposit box, phone, desk, a fully equipped restroom or bathroom with shower and toilet, hairdryer and cosmetics mirror. Our interior design and equipment are up to modern standards, just what you expect from a hotel in one of the most advanced cities in Europe. 

We have four different categories of rooms and apartments available:

    • Komfort (without kitchenette and without balcony)
    • Superior (with kitchenette and with balcony)
    • Deluxe (with kitchenette and with balcony)
    • Zarensuite (with kitchenette and with balcony)

Do you want a more spacious room? Any special equipment you require for your stay? Combined with our well-balanced breakfast we offer you a clean room with just the right combination for your needs and wishes, with a well-rounded range of prices and deals. If you love to travel with kids, we have got you covered with special rooms that feature a connecting door; we are also able to provide an additional bed or baby bed for your little ones.

Our guests appreciate the authentic and comfortable atmosphere of our Hotel for which we are actually well-known; our rating from guests who stayed at one of our hotels reflects this properly. We have a lot of returning guests exactly because of these qualities. Why not become one of them and rent a room at a reasonable price? We are more than happy to welcome you to Hotel Zarenhof – your destination in Berlin from which to delve deep into this exciting, trendy city.

We look forward to meeting you in one of our hotels! Contact us today to see which rooms and apartments are available to you. See you soon in Berlin!